Digital Financial Services


Our Digital Financial services platform offers a comprehensive financial solutions to financial institutions and individuals. We provide DFS aggregator platforms that enable Savings & Loans Institutions, Microfinance companies and individuals to leverage our hosted solution in the form of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to serve their clients financial needs at a very low cost.

We assess and document into a strategy the Digital Financial imperatives of our clients and proffer the best solutions that meet their short and medium term DFS goals. Our philosophy is that, to remain relevant, institutions must manage their cost of technology acquisition and invest in longterm platforms only when it becomes absolutely necessary to do so. Therefore we recommend our hosted solutions to all clients

Give us a call today and let’s discuss how we can help you to deepen financial inclusion and explore other ecosystems that, traditionally, financial institutions hardly play in.

Our DFS solutions solutions encompass

  • Agency Banking

  • Micro-lending/ Micro-savings

  • Merchant/P2P Payments

  • Billers management

  • Escrow Services

  • Internet/Mobile Banking

  • Card Payment solutions

  • Mobile Money (Wallet-based) solutions

  • Mobile Apps

Digital Transformation

We consult for our clients in the following areas:

  • Digitalisation of Business Processes

  • Development of Agency Banking Strategies

  • Development of Digital Financial Services Strategy

  • Customer Use-case Definition

  • Customer Journey Mapping & Prototyping

  • Digital Banking Architecture Design

  • Project Management

  • IT Transformation Strategy Development

  • Software Development, including Apps

As seasoned IT professionals with expertise in various IT areas and banking, we put at the disposal of our clients over 50 years of IT experience, insights and technical know-how that make us a one-stop shop for all your Digital Transformation needs.

Speak to us today and let's work together!

AML/Compliance Solutions

We partner with key platform providers to provide best AML/Compliance solutions out there in the market to our clients. The AML solutions we provide meet the needs of small financial institutions to larger ones. Some key features of our solutions include:

1.    Cash Transactions Monitoring and Reporting
2.    PEP Report
3.    Sector Risk
4.    Risk Category Reports
5.    FATCA Report
6.    Work Flow Definition
7.    Screened Customers Reports
8.    Due Date Reports
9.    Reassessment Reports

Digits and Data is here to assist you to select a tested solution to meet your AML/compliance obligations. Talk to us now let's help you

Digital Solutions


To leverage internally developed software solutions or partnerships with key software solution vendors to solve specific problems within our ecosystem

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